Getting the balance right

12 Jul

This article really highlights the need to get the balance right, in the formulations used in skincare, between efficiency/practiality and  skin ‘care’.

In this case, claims are being made that methylisothiazolinone, which has been used for some time as a preservative, can lead to allergic reactions. Whilst preservatives are needed to make the product safe for consumers (e.g. free of fungus, bacteria and other nasties), this cannot be at the detriment to the skin in other ways.

This is one of the challanges we face in creating the perfect products for the Scott range. We recognise the need to include ingredients which are necessary to make our products work and to get them to you in tip top condition, but one of Scott’s principles is to make our products as uncomplicated as possible, to make sure they really do care for the skin. We will have to work hard with our formulators to get the balance right!

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